The Newfoundland and Labrador Snowmobile Federation relies entirely on Trail Pass sales in order to provide the many services it presently offers, including grooming of the trail network. Please make sure to purchase a Trail Pass before riding our trails.
  • Get a season Trail Pass or a 1 / 3 / 7 Day Trail Pass before taking your Snowmobile on Newfoundland and Labrador’s groomed trails.
  • Please ride to stay alive, stay to the right and Enjoy the great out doors.

2022 - 2023 Trail Pass Rates: 

Season Pass Prices
  • Early Bird Season Pass:
    • Initial Trail Pass: $105.00 = Pass $83.00, GRF $8.30 & HST $13.70
    • Family Trail Pass (after rebate): $93.00 = Pass $73.52, GRF $7.35 & HST $12.13
  • Regular Season Pass: 
    • Initial Trail Pass: $162.00 = Pass $128.06, GRF $12.81 & HST $21.13
    • Family Trail Pass (after rebate): $150 = Pass $118.58, GRF $11.85 & HST $19.57
  • Dealer Demo Passes for the season cost the same as a Regular Season Pass and are not eligible for Early Bird or Family Rebates

Day Pass Prices
  • 1-day passes $25.00 = Pass $19.76, GRF $1.98 & HST $3.26
  • 3-day passes $45.00 = Pass $35.57, GRF $3.56 & HST $5.87
  • 7-day passes $75.00 = Pass $59.29, GRF $5.93 & HST $9.78
*GRF = Groomer Replacement Fund


** Family rates for Season Passes (Rebate system) **

The NLSF has provided Family Trail Pass rates for the past few years. This program is designed to allow families who have multiple snowmobiles, registered at the same civic address, a reduced rate for their second and third machines. The NLSF promotes family participation in organized snowmobiling and fully supports reduced Trail Pass rates for legitimate families. Although registration with the NL Dept. of Motor Vehicles is a requirement for all snowmobiles, we have no access to this information for address verification. This allows numerous ways that this benefit can be misused.

This has left the work of address verification with our vendors. We do not believe it is fair to put this level of work on them. Additionally, for our online sales, we have no capability of verifying registered addresses for individuals wishing to purchase Trail Passes at Family pass rates. The NLSF has experienced a great deal of overall misuse/abuse of this benefit over the last number of years. It is in the best interest of the NLSF and its trail pass holders to limit the ability of those who wish to abuse the system and who are taking away from those who wish to support it.

As a solution, since 2020 we instated a Family Trail Pass rebate program similar to what other Atlantic provinces have. When purchased, all Trail Passes will be at the full rate, either Early Bird or Regular Season. Families can then apply, either by mail (photocopy) or email (scanned), to the NLSF office for their rebate. This will include the NLSF rebate form, copies of your snowmobile registrations (indicating a common address) and if purchased at a Vendor a copy of your Trail Pass Application Form. Rebate applications will be accepted at the NLSF office any time throughout the season and will be processed from mid January to the end of April. All rebates will be mailed out in cheque form. We will try our best to ensure rebates are sent out in a timely fashion.

This means, once your rebate is processed, each additional pass you had purchased will have cost you less:
  • Early Bird Season Pass: $93.00 = Pass $73.52, GRF $7.35 & HST $12.13
  • Regular Season Pass: $150 = Pass $118.58, GRF $11.86 & HST $19.57
We thank you for your cooperation and your much needed support.
Family Pass Rebate Form 

Our list of supporting vendors for the season are updated daily, please keep checking back.

  1. Family discount passes are not available to a company or organizations.
  2. The family discount is only applicable to a single-family dwelling where all snowmobiles are registered with the same civic address.
  3. There is a maximum of two family passes per household with the purchase of a regular season pass.
  4. A vendor fee of $4.00 + HST will be charged on all trail passes by the vendor.
If you haven’t received your rebate cheque by the end of April, please contact the office a.s.a.p. 709-635-4395. Any rebates submitted via email will have a reply sent back letting you know your submission has been received.