Snowmobiling on the island portion of Newfoundland & Labrador would not be what it is today without the work of our dedicated volunteers. NLSF volunteers have helped build our trail system and are responsible for ensuring that the trails are safely groomed and maintained. Volunteers (both men and women) have been involved for decades, driven by their desire to offer a safe and enjoyable environment for snowmobilers across the province.

With 17 clubs island-wide, the need for volunteers is crucial. Sadly, with changing societal values and ever-increasing demands on people’s time, finding volunteers can be a challenge, especially for smaller clubs. Volunteers are a valuable asset and are the driving force behind the success of our clubs and the NLSF as a whole.

As a designated trail rider, you have the opportunity to be part of your local club and be instrumental in planning and promoting the trail system as well as participate in club activities and events.

Duties of a Volunteer
Benefits of being a Volunteer

At NLSF, any help is appreciated to keep the trails and fellow riders safe.
To get started as a volunteer, tell us a bit about yourself using the form below and we will reach out with further details.

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