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Order Related Questions

Can I use my Confirmation Invoice as my season pass until I receive my stickers?
I have placed an order for a trail pass. How long will it take to arrive?
I have placed several multiple orders for trail passses. Will they all arrive in one envelope?
How does the NLSF use my information and what part of my information is stored with NLSF?
What is a Dealer Demo Trail Pass?
Why am I being charged shipping/handling fees?
Is there a return/refund policy?


Other Questions

What is the Newfoundland and Labrador Snowmobile Federation?
I do not ride on the groomed trails, why do I need a trail sticker?
I only use my machine one weekend a year do I have to buy a trail sticker?
Why can’t trail stickers be $25 to $30?
Why should I buy a trail sticker?
Who can enforce this?
Where does my money go when I buy a trail sticker, is this just another government money grab?
We have three snowmobiles, do we have to pay full price for each?
Why aren’t the trails groomed more often?
I would like to become involved as a volunteer, what can I do?
According to the legislation, who is required to purchase a Trail Sticker?
How much will a Trail Sticker cost?
Where can I purchase a Trail Sticker?
Why did Government choose to amend legislation to enforce mandatory Trail Stickers?
How will the legislation be enforced?
Where can I get further information or obtain a trail map?
What is a Groomer Replacement Fund and why is it added to the cost of my trail pass?
When do Early Bird discount rates come into effect?