Western Newfoundland Groomer Details

2017-2018 Season……Grooming will commence when snow conditions permit!

***Attention Snowmobilers: Washouts have been found on trails by Frenchman’s Pond and Goose Arm Brook.***



Taylors Brook Road - Taylors Brook Road

***Attention Snowmobilers: There is a extra large washout on burnt hill lakes road. It is after the second bridge, snowmobiles have tried to find a route around it but haven’t been successful.  It is approximately 10 ft wide 10ft deep.***


Feb. 21 – Taylor’s Brook Road has been groomed.

Feb. 11 – Taylor’s Brook Road was groomed.

Feb. 09 – Taylor’s Brook Road groomed in to km 24. 25 km to 50km mark has been tracked in and bladed.



Humber WinterLands – White Bay, Hampden Area. Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1916619188570148/


Feb. 22 – Groomed from Taylor’s brook convenience to warm up shelter on River Side and back to Hampden. The bypass at Alder Brook was also been groomed. We ask Snowmobilers to please use extreme caution as there are MANY stumps on the first km.

Feb. 20 – Taylor’s Brook Road to Pollards Point, fixed up the big hill leading into Pollards Point. Needs more snow in some sections to be able to groom. Drag was picked up at Kruger Road and groomed Main River Trail back to Taylor’s Brook.

Feb. 14 – Jackson’s Arm Trail has been tracked and bladed, hasn’t been groomed.  Clam Pond and Hamden has been tracked in and bladed as well.

Feb. 13 – Main River Trail has been groomed.



Deer Lake & Area - Grooming is currently being managed by the NLSF in this area and updates will be posted here when available.


No Parking

                                                                                       ***Attention Snowmobilers***

Do to logging trucks and the groomer on White River Road, we ask the public not to park in the No parking zone in respect to both the grooming and trucking being done in this area. RCMP have been advised by local contractors in the area of the parking violations and we urge the public to obey the signs posted or risk towing and fines. We appreciate your support and cooperation.



Attn: Snowmobilers:


The Forestry and Wildlife Branch of Fisheries and Land Resources Department, would like to advise the public that forestry trucks are currently hauling wood on the White’s River Road during January and February.The public is advised that no parking signs are posted, indicating a No Parking Zone, on both sides of the highway at the entrance of White’s River Road. Snowmobilers are advised not to travel on any of the plowed roads on their snowmobile and park pickups and trailers only in areas designed for public parking.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Feb. 22 – Groomed from Cormack to Jack Ladder to Coyleys. Then from White Wash Road to Sinkhole, out Grindstone Road and back to Jack Ladder was groomed.

Feb. 21 – Cormack through to Deer Lake and back has been groomed this morning.

Feb. 20 – White River Road was groomed.

Feb. 19 – Groomed from Wiltondale to 23km mark on Kennedy Lake, then Grindstone to Cormack.

Feb. 17 – Groomed from Wiltondale to Jack Ladder, and Grindstone returned to Wiltondale.

Feb. 16 – Groomed from Deer Lake to Grindstone, Grindstone to Sinkhole, and Sinkhole to Wiltondale.

Feb. 15 – White River Road trail has been groomed.

Feb. 14 – The trail from Deer Lake to Cormack was groomed and Deer Lake to Pasadena and Jackladder to Deer Lake has also been groomed.

Feb. 13 – Trail has been groomed from Cormack to Coyleys in Wiltondale and back to Jackladder. White River Road was also groomed this evening.


Western Sno-Riders Snowmobile Club – Corner Brook/South Shore/North Shore/Pasadena Areas: Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/44490224520/ 

*For current grooming information click on ”Western Sno-Riders” directly above and it will take you to the Western Sno-Riders web page with their current information.


Feb. 22 – Rugged Edge to Pasadena, Marble Mountain and Hughes Brook through the Communities has been groomed.

Feb. 20 – Trail has been groomed from Rugged Edge to Gallants.

Feb. 19 – Rugged Edge to Marble Mountain, Hughes Brook to City Tire has groomed and City Tire to Massey Drive has been tracked.

Feb. 18 – Rugged Edge to the Shiver Shack and across to Massey Drive has been groomed. Hughes Brook to Coxes Cove groomed today.

Feb. 17 – Rugged Edge to Marble and Pasadena was groomed.

Feb. 16 – Rugged Edge to the Shiver Shack and Mount Moriah has been groomed. Hughes Brook to the bottom of Goose Arm and Hughes Brook to Hughes Lakes was also groomed.

Feb. 15 – Trail was groomed from Rugged Edge to Gallants.

Feb. 14 – Trail was groomed from Rugged Edge to Benoits Cove. Hughes Brook through the communities and on to Coxes Cove has been groomed. Rugged Edge to the South Shore groomed.


Bay St. George Snowmobile Association – Stephenville and Areas: Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bsgsa1?fref=ts  


Feb. 22 – Cold Brook to Shiver Shack, Round Pot, and Wheelers Road was groomed.

Feb. 20 – Groomed from Cold Brook to Shiver Shack and Kippens trail.

Feb. 18 – Groomed the Rail Bed from Cold Brook to Fishells River Bridge past St. George’s.

Feb. 16 – 38 Trail to Otter Pond Bridge was groomed and Round Pot.

Feb. 15 – Groomed M & F, Rail bed to Gallants, and groomed 38 Trail to Otter Pond Bridge

Feb. 13 – Groomed from Cold Brook to Shiver Shack, also Kippens Trail and Round Pot have been groomed.