Western Newfoundland Groomer Details

2018-2019 Season.


Taylors Brook Road - Taylors Brook Road


Feb. 20 – Taylor’s Brook Road has been groomed.

Feb. 07 – Groomed from White Bay Convenience to km 47 on Taylor’s Brook Road and back.

Jan. 31 – Groomed from Hampden Junction to KM 24 on Taylor’s Brook Road.


Humber WinterLands – White Bay, Hampden Area. Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1916619188570148/


Feb. 19 – Tracked in Kruger’s Road/Main River out over big hill Pollard’s Point.

Feb. 15 – Groomed Jackson’s arm and Sop’s Arm.

Feb. 13 – Groomed from Taylor’s Brook Accommodations, down over big hill into Pollard’s Point.

Feb. 08 – Groomed Clam Pond Road, into Hampden, (Avery’s gas station), and to Taylor’s Brook Accommodations.


Junction Trail Blazers - Deer Lake & Area. 


Feb. 19 – Groomed Deer Lake to Kennedy Lake Junction, back to Deer Lake via North Lake and around town of Deer Lake.

Feb. 18 – JTB Race Center to Wiltondale via the Jackladder has been groomed.

Feb. 17 – Groomed from JTB Race Center to White River Road and back.

Feb. 13 – Groomed from JTB Race Center to end of White River Road and return. Also groomed from JTB Race Center to Kennedy Lake and back.

Feb. 11 – Groomed from the Sink Hole and went out White Wash Road to where it’s plowed then back to the shop via North Lake. LOTS OF HEAVY DRIFTING IN OPEN AREAS.


Western Sno-Riders Snowmobile Club – Corner Brook/South Shore/North Shore/Pasadena Areas: Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/44490224520/ 

*For current grooming information click on ”Western Sno-Riders” directly above and it will take you to the Western Sno-Riders web page with their current information.


Feb. 21 – Groomed from Rugged Edge out to Camel Back towards Pasadena, down over Marble Mountain and then out to City Tire. Then tracked in from the tunnel down to Stan Dawe’s and groomed from Hughes Brook though Communities as far as Gilliam’s.

Feb. 20 – Groomed from Rugged Edge to Benoit’s Cove, and from Hughes Brook to Irishtown, to ELL Pond and to Hughes Lakes Road.

Feb. 18 – Groomed from Rugged Edge to Mt Moriah and out to Hilliard’s Road and then to the Shiver Shack. From Kennedy Lake warm up shelter to Hughes Brook, and from Rugged Edge to Marble Mountain and onto Carp Creek.

Feb. 15 – Groomed from Rugged Edge to Benoits Cove and then to the Shiver Shack.

Feb. 14 – Groomed for Rugged Edge to Marble Mountain, Pasadena to Marble Mountain, and from Hughes Brook to Hughes Lakes Road, then to Humber Valley Resort and Irishtown Trail.


Bay St. George Snowmobile Association – Stephenville and Areas: Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bsgsa1?fref=ts  


Feb. 21 – 38 Trail to Round Pot to Gallants is groomed.

Feb. 18 – Groomed Railway Bed to Stephenville Crossing and to Gallants.

Feb. 14 – 38 Trail, Round Pot and Gallants have been groomed.

Feb. 13 – Groomed M&F and Coldbrook Road to the Y. Made it to the first bog but it was too stormy to go past it so I turned around.

Feb. 12 – Kippens, Round Pot and Shiver Shack has been groomed.