Welcome to Rendezvous 2017!

March 3-4 in Stephenville

The Bay St. George Snowmobile Association (BSGSA) is excited to be hosting this year’s event and is anxious to have riders from across the province experience their beautiful groomed trail network, and of course, the amazing backcountry and mountain riding available in the Lewis Hills.


Register by February 1 for a chance to win a 50-inch television


Your Rendezvous information packet will be sent to you upon completing your registration. Your Rendezvous pledge sheet will be included in this package. Riders must raise a minimum of $50 in pledges along with their $100 registration fee to participate in Rendezvous. This year’s charity is Ronald McDonald House in St. John’s.

Ride Information

trailRendezvous 2017 will feature something no other Rendezvous event before it has had – two options for your Saturday snowmobile ride! Take the more relaxed groomed trail ride, or go off trail into the backcountry and see the Lewis Hills.

Of course the routes for each ride may have to be adjusted based on the weather, but the descriptions below are what’s currently planned.

​Ride start time(s) yet to be determined.

Rendezvous 2017 Trail Ride
Ready for a ride in a true winter wonderland? Riders will meet at the BSGSA parking lot. From there the group will travel the groomed trail north on Cold Brook Road. This route has some beautiful views of the country with the impressive Lewis Hills providing the backdrop about 20 minutes into the ride. Riders will stop at the Alder Pond warm up shelter before proceeding across Lewis Hills Pass to Logger’s School Road. We’ll pass by the infamous Shiver Shack (part of Western Sno Riders trial system) and proceed to the Crossroads/Smoker’s Hill before heading back on the tracks leading to the tiny community of Gallants, where riders will stop for lunch. From Gallants, riders will begin the return trip to Stephenville, first taking the T’Railway for about a kilometer, before veering off and connecting with Camp 38 Trail – widely heralded as one of the province’s best trails. Camp 38 Trail will take us back to the “Y” intersection with Cold Brook Road and back to the parking lot where the ride will conclude. Round trip distance will be approximately 120 kms.

Rendezvous 2017 Backcountry Ride
Rope Cove Canyon, the Cabox (High Point), Judge Ridge… all the places you’ve heard about and have been itching to ride. This is the Lewis Hills. Riders will gather at the BSGSA parking lot and proceed on the groomed trail along Cold Brook Road, forking off on the ungroomed Ashley Boyd’s Road and proceeding cross country to the entrance to the Lewis Hills. Once inside, riders will be taken to the edge of Rope Cove Canyon (there may even be an opportunity to drop down in!). After pictures, we’ll proceed aver to Molly Ann Cove, then on to the Cabox (Newfoundland’s highest point). From there, we’ll proceed back through the Hills, down through the beautiful Fox Island River Valley, before rejoining the groomed trail on Cold Brook Road and returning to the parking lot. A trailside stop for lunch will be included.

Social Events

Friday, March 3

Registration: opens 1 p.m., Caribou Curling Club (375 Massachusetts Drive)
Meet and Greet: 7 p.m. to 12 p.m., Caribou Curling Club (registration table open)

Saturday, March 4

Snowmobile Rides (trail or backcountry/Lewis Hills. See details in Ride Information)

Dinner and Dance: 6 p.m., Razoolies, 120 Carolina Ave. Band – Park Avenue, buffet, drink specials, draw prizes


Days Inn – $140 per night based on double occupancy – 643-6666
Hotel Stephenville – $89 per night based on double occupancy – 643-5176

Rendezvous:Recommendation for Participants

The following recommendations for the ride have been put in place to ensure that the Rendezvous Ride is a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

  1. A NLSF Trail Pass Sticker is required to be attached to the left side of each snowmobile or the driver must possess a Daily Trail Pass receipt.
  2. Ensure your snowmobile has a full tank of gasoline and oil injector level is full or base oil is full in a four stoke engine.
  3. Ensure your snowmobile is in good working condition and that the brakes are working.
  4. Ensure your snowmobile has working headlights, tail lights and brake lights.
  5. Keep your headlights on while traveling on the ride, so you can be easily seen.
  6. While on the ride, use the “Buddy System” which means you watch out for the snowmobile behind you and maintain a distance between 2 – 5 seconds. If you do not see your buddy within 5 seconds stop and wait for him/her.
  7. When you make stops on the trail, check your buddy for signs of frost bite or hypothermia.
  8. Use trail signs to signal your buddy that there is a stop or a turn ahead. Also use signals to indicate approaching snowmobiles or snowmobiles following behind.
  9. Maintain your place in the group and stay on the trail during the ride. Drive on the right side of the trail.
  10. “0” Tolerance is the rule. Alcohol is not permitted on the ride.
  11. If you pack it in, pack it out.
  12. Wear warm snowmobile clothing and dress in layers so that you can add or remove to adjust your level of comfort. Proper footwear and gloves are also necessary for warmth.
  13. Wear a snowmobile helmet.
  14. Bring any personal items that you feel you should carry with you. Carry any prescription medication that you need is case you are delayed on the trail. A camera will help capture those Kodak moments. A snack or sweet treat if you like them.
  15. Enjoy your ride!