Eastern Newfoundland Groomer Details

The Eastern area covers trails from the Gander area – Clarenville area.

2018-2019 Season



Kittiwake Snowmobile Association –  New-Wes-Valley/Indian Bay Area. Join us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/KittiwakeSnowmobileAssociation?fref=ts    


Jan. 17 – Groomed has been done from New West Valley to Boot Pond Road, to Indian Bay and to Centerville and then headed back to New West Valley.

Jan. 13 – Groomed from New West Valley to Boot Pond Road (new trail), to town of Indian Bay and on to Centerville. All side trail roads were groomed and then headed back to New West Valley.


Terra Nova Trailriders – Glovertown & Area. Join us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/groups/terranovatrail2005/


Feb. 15 – Groomed from Glovertown to Pitts Pond through South West Country, then went to Grants Pitt and returned through Future Street.

Jan. 19 – Groomed from Glovertown to Maccles, through South-West Country, then went to Northwest River. From there, turned around and went all the way to Gambo and returned to Glovertown through Future Street.


Discovery Trail Snowmobile Association (Formerly East Coast Snowmobile Club) – Clarenville & Area. Join us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/groups/49957602115/   


Jan. 20 – Groomed from White Hills to Goobies.

Jan. 18 – Trails groomed from White Hills to Northwest River. Adams Road is groomed and to Train Station in Clarenville back to White Hills.

Jan. 16 – Trail has been groomed from White Hills to Shoal Harbour, to Northwest River and back.

Jan. 14 – Clarenville to Goobies trail is groomed. In fair shape but low snow. Doing the best we can with what snow we have.