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Enviro & Safety

Western Newfoundland Groomer Details

The Western area covers trails from Hampden ,Corner Brook, DeerLake and Stephenville area.
  • Western Sno-Riders

Apr. 3 – Pasadena towards Pynn’s Brook, over Marble, City Tire and back to Rugged Edge. – Summerside to Kennedy Lake.

Apr. 1 – Rugged Edge to Gallants via the Rail bed.

Mar. 25 – Rugged Edge to the South Shore groomed.

Mar. 24 – Rugged Edge to Marble, Pasadena and Pynn’s Brook groomed.

Mar. 23 – Rugged Edge to the Map and Mount Mariah groomed.

Mar. 19 – Pasadena to Deer Lake and back to Rugged Edge groomed. – Summerside to Kennedy Lake groomed.


  • Junction Trail Blazers

***Main Dam is now open(Mar. 19) for all snowmobile traffic…PLEASE USE CAUTION***

Apr. 1 – In response to the media release by the NLSF, March 28/14. The Junction Trail Blazers would like to address grooming operations in the Deer Lake region for the remainder of the season. With the generous support of all of our Corporate sponsors and the dedicated volunteers of our club, we plan to continue to groom up to and including Easter weekend on a limited basis, provided there are no mechanical or major weather issues. Most primary trails in our region will be maintained as best as possible. Thank you for your support and patience! Enjoy the rest of the season!

Mar. 25 – Deer Lake Race center to Jackladder back to sinkhole warming shelter and back to Deer Lake Race center. ***There is  a drag parked near the Reidville Road Crossing. Please be aware***

Mar. 24 – Trail to Main Dam and all in town trails in the town of Deer Lake have been groomed.

Mar. 20 – Howley to White Bay Convenience to Dancing Point shelter to Big Falls and Cormack groomed tonight.

Mar. 19 – White River Rd. groomed and firewood placed in the shelter. – Cormack to Big Falls to Howley groomed. Enjoy!


  • Bay St. Georges Snowmobile Association-BSGSA

Mar. 19 – Cold Brook to Map.

Mar. 18 – Cold Brook to Gallants groomed.

Mar. 12 – Cold Brook to Map.

Mar.11 – 38 to Gallants groomed.

Mar. 10 – Cold Brook to Kippens groomed.


  • Humber Winterland

Apr. 17/19 – Groomed Taylors Brook Rd. Thursday evening, groomer got stuck, couldn’t proceed until Sunday.

Mar. 25 – Krugers Road through Taylor’s Brook Road (Main River Trail) groomed. Please USE CAUTION there is a big bull moose on the trail between Pollards Point branch to the warm up shack on Main River Trail, he doesn’t want to leave the trail. We do not advise you to try to get close to him, the sound and size of the BR 180 doesn’t scare him.

Mar. 24 – Trail to Jacksons Arm has been groomed.

Mar. 23 – Groomed from Taylors Brook in to Pollards Point (the Hill).

Mar. 22 – Taylors Brook groomed.

Mar. 20 – Pinksens Rd., Clam Pond, warm up shack on Devils Dancing Point back to Taylors Brook Rd. groomed.

Mar. 14 – Trail from Jackson’s Arm and Sops Arm has been done, the groomer is on the way to Pinksens Rd.

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