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Central Newfoundland Groomer Details

The central area covers trails from the Baie Verte area to the Glovertown – Terra Nova area.

2013-2014 Season……

  • Dorset Snowmobile Association

Mar. 24 – Groomed Middle Arm, Burlington and up to Baie Verte.

Mar. 18 – Groomed from Baie Verte to La Scie.

Mar. 5 – All Dorset trails are now groomed and in excellent condition except for some drifting in open areas. Come ride some of the best trails on the Rock. Please don’t drink and drive BUT if you pack it in please pack it out.

Mar. 1 – Groomed from Skippens Ridge to Baie Verte Jct. today. Grooming to Hampden Jct. (Pork Chop Restaurant) tomorrow and returning to Baie Verte Junction.


  • Exploits Snowmobile Association (new name Exploits TrailNet)

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April 3- Groomed from GFW to Badger. Snow is quickly drying up on sections of the rail bed near Red Cliff. Heading to Millertown Junction Friday.

April 2- Groomed from Ibex to Incinerator, down through New Bay to the Botwood Highway in Northern Arm. Trail is in great shape.


April 1 – Groomed from GFW to Bishop’s Falls. Continued on from there down the old A.N.D Railway line to Botwood.

Mar. 28 – GFW to Cornfield-Rocky Brook-both sides of Powder Horn-Dawes Pond-Badger.

Mar. 19 – Groomed from GFW to Bishop Falls across the trestle to the TCH tunnel near Sandy Point. Headed into the New Bay trail and groomed all the way to Northern Arm-Botwood Highway. Trail is in awesome shape. Be careful of Peters River Crossing, use alternative route along the New Bay Road.


  •  Green Bay Snowmobile Club

April 3 – Trail from Butts Esso to South Brook groomed.

Mar. 31 – Groomed to Baie Verte Jct. (TCH) and back to Butts Esso.

Mar. 28 – The trail to Rattling Brook is groomed. The groomed is on the way to Springdale then to Butt’s Esso.

Mar. 24 – Kings Point – Gull Pond groomed.

Mar. 17 – Groomed from Butt’s Esso – East end of Springdale – King’s Point – Gull Pond and back to King’s Point.

- Lundrigan’s Dip: The washout is now passable because of temporary fix. The groomer has gone through without issue. At present the trail is good but with major weather changes it is unpredictable.


  • Terra Nova Trailriders

Mar. 29 – Arena to Stag Pond to Gambo, back to Maccles parking lot to Future St to Orams Pit-via Seventh day advents bypass to Arm Trail and back.

Mar. 28 – Arena to Stag Pond to NW Brook and back to Maccles parking lot and down Future St.

Mar. 7 – Glovertown to Terra Nova and North West River.

Mar. 6 – Plant Rd. (old mill) to SW Country Rd. to Stag Pond to Gambo and return to Maccles Parking lot to Calvin’s Landing Rd. to Rocky Byte and Arm trail to Bay View Heights.


  • Notre Dame Snowmobile Association

Mar. 28 – Groomed to Glenwood from Lewisporte Jct. and to Mount Peyton via Asphalt Pit Road and return on Red Fox Road. Trails are in great shape.

Mar. 15 – Groomed from Lewisporte Junction to Mount Peyton last night but had mechanical issues and had to turn back at the pole line. The pole line is wet and slushy, water is running on the trail in one place a couple km back from the pole line. Hoping to have the groomer repaired tomorrow.

Mar. 1 – Lewisporte Junction to Lewisporte and return groomed.


  •  Kittiwake Snowmobile Association

Mar. 6 – Trails are groomed and in excellent condition.

Feb. 27 – Trails are groomed and in great condition.


  • Gander and Area Snowmobile Club

Mar. 30 – Gander to Glenwood and back groomed.

Mar. 28 – Gander to Gambo groomed this morning.

Mar. 23 – Gander to Glenwood groomed.

Mar. 18 – Groomed Gander to Glenwood.

Mar. 12 – Groomed from Glenwood to Gander and around Gander Area.

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