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Enviro & Safety

What is the Newfoundland and Labrador Snowmobile Federation?

The NLSF is the provincial governing body of the 16 volunteer snowmobile clubs across the island. They are responsible for the costs associated with the insurance for the groomers, trails across the island, and the day-to-day expenses. The NLSF owns all groomers on the island, with the various clubs using them to effectively maintain the approximately 3700 kms of trails. At this point there is close to $11 million spent on infrastructure development (trails, bridges, warm-up shelters, groomer shelters, etc…), and groomer purchases for the island.

I do not ride on the groomed trails, why do I need a trail sticker?

If this is true, you do NOT need a trail sticker. If you snowmobile in areas where there are no designated NLSF groomed trails, you do not need to purchase a trail sticker.

I only use my machine one weekend a year do I have to buy a trail sticker?

Yes, you have to buy a trail sticker if you use NLSF designated trails, but you can purchase a 3-day one for $35 or if you think you would like to use it more than the weekend, you can purchase a 7-day sticker for $50.  These stickers are dated for the time you use them and are only valid for the dates listed on them.

Why can’t trail stickers be $25 to $30?

With the high cost of grooming, clubs would not be able to operate at any lower of a rate. It costs approximately $1000 a day for groomers to operate at it’s full potential. It is easy to say “if you decreased the price you would get more people buying them”, but the financial reality is, the club would be no better off. In addition to grooming costs, the NLSF and clubs have to incur hefty insurance bills every season, and will also be responsible for replacing rotten bridges, washed-out culverts, missing signs and general maintenance on the trails when Government funding runs out. The aging groomer fleet also has to be replaced, which means more money has to be raised to get new or refurbished groomers. With trail stickers lower we would never be able to do all of the things that have to be done to ensure a great snowmobiling experience for the public.

Why should I buy a trail sticker?

It is illegal to use a trail maintained by the NLSF without one. Also, with lack of support the groomed trails would become obsolete because groomers are powered by trail sticker sales, not government money. If you want the comfort of groomed trails and warm-up shelters then purchase a trail sticker.

Who can enforce this?

Anybody that is a Peace Officer can issue a ticket and will be giving tickets this season. RCMP, RNC, Conservation Officers, etc…anyone that can give a ticket can enforce the law.

Where do my money go when I buy a trail sticker, is this just another government money grab?

The majority of the funds stay with local clubs for grooming, trail maintenance and general operating expenses. A portion goes to the NLSF to pay for the cost of the insurance on the groomers and the trails, to pay for the safety campaigns, and other operating expenses incurred during the operations.

We have three snowmobiles, do we have to pay full price for each?

The NLSF does have a family rate. The rate is limited to 3 snowmobiles per household and owners must provide registration showing the same address for each of the machines. If you purchase all at the same time on or before December 15th, 2011 the cost is $80 for the first machine, $60 for the second machine and $60 for the third machine, after December 15th, 2011 the cost is $120, $100 and $100. If not purchased all at the same time the cost will be reflective of the date at which you purchased the 2nd and 3rd.

Why aren’t the trails groomed more often?

There may be any number of reasons why a trail is not groomed at a particular time including not the right snow conditions, not enough snow, etc. For more information check out our groomer information page – here.

I would like to become involved as a volunteer, what can I do?

A volunteer is a valuable asset and is the driving force behind the success of many of the clubs as they help with trail maintenance and fundraising to offset the costs that trail sticker revenue does not cover. Contact your local club to become involved

Mandatory Snowmobile Trail Sticker Program (Bill 45) Information

According to the legislation, who is required to purchase a Trail Sticker?

The Amendment to the Motorized Snow Vehicles and All Terrain Vehicles Act states that all users of groomed snowmobile trails maintained by both the Newfoundland and Labrador Snowmobile Association and Labrador Winter Trails Inc. will be required to buy and display a Trail Use Sticker. One sticker must be purchased for each snowmobile accessing groomed trails.

How much will a Trail Sticker cost?

The cost of the sticker will range depending which region of the province you reside, but fees will range from a low of $80 to a high of $120. For example, an annual pass for trails on the island will cost $80 (HST included) if purchased on or before December 15th, 2011 and $120 if purchased after that day. Three day and weekly passes will also be available for purchase at $35 and $50 respectively.

Trail passes in Labrador vary by snowmobile club and range from $80 (plus HST) in the Labrador Straits to $125 (plus HST) in Labrador West. The following passes may also be purchased: Day ($17.25), Weekend ($28.75) and Week ($86.25). These prices include HST.

Where can I purchase a Trail Sticker?

Trail Use Stickers can be purchased from the Newfoundland and Labrador Snowmobile Association (1-709-635-4395), Labrador Winter Trails Inc. (1-877-884-SNOW) or your local snowmobile associations. For a complete list of other places to purchase (Trail Pass Vendors).

Why did Government choose to amend legislation to enforce mandatory Trail Stickers?

Both levels of Government have invested approximately $20 million in the development of snowmobile trails in the province. Prior to mandatory legislation, only 15 per cent of snowmobile users in the province purchased a voluntary Trail Use Stickers. This new legislation will allow snowmobile associations to collect fees which will be used in the ongoing maintenance of trails and to support future infrastructure requirements.

How will the legislation be enforced?

All snowmobile users must purchase and display a Trail Use Sticker while accessing managed (groomed) trails. Those users found without a sticker displayed will be subject to a penalty. Peace officers, which includes the RCMP, RNC and other provincial enforcement employees (conservation officers and wildlife managers) have been given authority for Trail Use Sticker enforcement as a part of their normal day to day duties. Penalties will range from $100 to $200 for a first offence, with the possibility of short-term imprisonment in lieu of a fine.

Where can I get further information or obtain a trial map?

Further details can be obtained by contacting the Newfoundland and Labrador Snowmobile Association (1-709-635-4395) or the Labrador Winter Trails Inc.(1-877-884-SNOW).

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