Central Newfoundland Groomer Details

The central area covers trails from the Baie Verte area to the Lewisporte area.

2018-2019 Season



Gander and Area Snowmobile Club – Join us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Gander-and-Area-Snowmobile-Club-


Feb. 20 – Groomer went as far as the East side of the bog out towards Benton, then within the km range of Kittiwake turnaround, and back to Gander.

Feb. 15 – Gander to Glenwood has been groomed as well as around 12km up 16 Road, back to town and then in town trails to A&W.

Feb. 12 – Groomer went as far as Butt’s Pond and returned and in town it did the Cooper Blvd Trail and around Cobb’s. Conditions are still icy and a lot less snow out towards Butt’s Pond.

Feb. 11 – Groomer was out from Gander to Kittiwake, turned around and went back.


Dorset Snowmobile Association – Baie Verte & Area. Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NLSF-Dorset-Snowmobiling-Association-628993580626493/


Feb. 21 – Groomed Nipper’s Harbour Road up 2-3 Km and back to La Scie and did remainder of La Scie area.

Feb. 20 – Groomed from Milddle Arm to Burlington, also made it to Nippers Harbour Road.

Feb. 19 – Groomed from Skippens Ridge – TCH – Middle Arm.

Feb. 18 – Groomed from Rambler Road to Skippers Ridge and groomed from JTB Race Center to Baie Verte Junction via Cormack Trail.

Feb. 15 – Groomed Rambler Road and Burlington.


Green Bay Snowmobile Club – Springdale & Area. Join us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1443244832555747/ 


Feb. 12 – Groomed from South Brook to South Water and then to Butt’s Esso.

Feb. 11 – Robert’s Arm to South Brook has been groomed.

Feb. 08 – Trails are now groomed from Kippens Ridge Road to Robert’s Arm.

Feb. 07 – The trail is now groomed from South Brook to Kippens Ridge farm.

Feb. 06 – The trail is now groomed from Butts Esso to South Brook.


Exploits TrailNet – Grand Falls-Windsor & Area


Feb. 21 – Railway Bed up from Badger, across Water Crossing and around Dawes Pond to TCH has been groomed. Then from Twin Lakes Road to New Road along North of Twin Lake to Gummy Pond Intersection and back. Then Groomed across Camp 6 to Crooked Lake, Powderhorn West, and Railway Bed right to Grand Falls-Windsor.

Feb. 20 – Groomed from Badger to Lou Bushys to 9 Mile Bog, then base of Hodges down to Cornfield and over to Maryann Brook Bridge and back to Badger. Also groomed from Railway Bed from Car Spa to Bishops Falls, then down Newbay Trail to building.

Feb. 19 – Groomed from Rowsells Road to 9 Mile Bog, Oceanview Chalet and returned. Then from Newbay Trail to Railway Bed to Kent in Grand Falls-Windsor. Railway Bed is icy through Grand Falls-Windsor so had to turn back. Groomed from Badger to Rocky Brook via Powderhorn East, then up to Twin Lakes/Butterdish Intersection and return to Badger.

Feb. 18 – Newbay Road to Northern Arm and return is groomed. Railway Bed from Badger to Millertown Junction, to Redcliff and return, plus across Old Water Crossing on Powderhorn East and around the bottom of Dawes Pond and return to Railway Bed is also groomed.

Feb. 15 – Groomed from Rowsells Road to 9 Mile Bog, across Butterdish and down to Twin Lakes intersection and return. Then from Badger to Rocky Brook via Powderhorn East, up to Twin Lakes/Butterdish intersection and then over to Lou Bushys down to Railway Bed to Red Cliff and to badger.

Feb. 14 – Groomed from Railway Bed from Badger, to the west side of Bishops Falls, Newbay trail to Newbay Road, and Newbay Road to Causeway and returned.


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Notre Dame Snowmobile Association – Lewisporte & Area. Join us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/groups/511637502286547/


Feb. 21 – Groomed from Notre Dame Junction to Jumpers Brook Road via Red Fox and Mount Peyton.

Feb. 19 – Notre Dame Junction to Mount Peyton via Crusher Road, and Notre Dame Junction to Glenwood has been groomed.

Feb. 18 – Notre Dame Junction to Mount Peyton via Red Fox has been groomed.

Feb. 17 – Groomed from Notre Dame Junction to Lewisporte.

Feb. 15 – Notre Dame Junction to Mount Peyton via Crusher Road and onto Glenwood and return has been groomed.